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Johan Bjerke

Photography - Dop - 1:AC










Bio / Resume


I initially pursued my passion for images as a printmaker, eventually transitioning to a career as a stills photographer, specializing in mail order catalogs and commercial productions expanding to more of documentary. In 1998, I entered the film industry, initially serving as a 1st AC before diversifying into roles as a Director of Photography (DoP) while continuing my expertise in still photography. With a unique journey blending technical skills and visual storytelling, I've cultivated a versatile background in both print and film. My approach to photography is characterized by a keen awareness of movement, integrating it into compositions along with a thoughtful consideration of lighting. This dynamic perspective adds a unique and captivating dimension to my work, showcasing your commitment to creating visually compelling and engaging images. 

Fluent in both English and Swedish, adept at navigating extremes from scorching heat to freezing cold. Thrives in challenging environments, demonstrating resilience and composure under pressure.